Rules of The Game

The Rules of the Game are quite similar to those of traditional soccer/football with adaptations related to a faster pace, higher scoring and safety considerations. Rule modifications are only allowed upon written notification and consent of the RollerSoccer International Federation (RSIF). The Rules of the Game are summarized below and the full text of the Official Rules is available to all registered RSUSA members upon request.

  1. Rink: Inline roller hockey size rink with dasher boards. Both goal cages are 1 meter high by 3 meters wide and placed three meters inside each end of the rink.
  2. Ball: Size 5 soccer ball of standard weight with a smooth, non-gripping outer material.
  3. Players: Five players per team on the rink. No specially designated goalkeeper required (because use of hands is completely forbidden). Maximum number of players per team is 10. Players cannot be excluded based on gender.
  4. Players Equipment: Skates (inline or quad), shorts or pants, matching jerseys, soccer socks and protective gear (helmet, wrist, knee, elbow, shin guards). Helmet is mandatory in competitions.
  5. Referee: Full authority to enforce the rules and keep match time.
  6. Second Referee: Assists the referee and operates on the opposite side of the pitch. (Optional in some cases)
  7. Scorekeeper: Records the match and maintains scoreboard displays.
  8. Duration of the Match: Two 25-minute regulation periods. Optional 2v2, two-minute tiebreaker periods.
  9. Start and Restart of Play: Each half starts with a kick-off. Play resumes from the goal immediately after a goal has been scored. Scoring team cannot defend until the ball crosses midfield.
  10. Ball In and Out of Play: Out of play upon crossing outside the rink perimeter, contacting overhead fixtures or stoppage by the referee. In play at all other times, including rebounds off the dasher boards.
  11. Scoring: 1 point awarded when ball enters the goal cage.
  12. Fouls & Misconduct: Similar to soccer, significant exceptions include: no offsides, no slide-tackling and a provision for red-carded players to be replaced after two minutes.
  13. Free Kicks: Similar to soccer.
  14. Penalty Kick: Similar to soccer.
  15. Throw-In: Similar to soccer and used for every time the ball leaves the rink perimeter. Corner kicks and goal kicks are not used.


Regulation RollerSoccer play areas are surrounded by barriers, also known as dashers or boards, similar to those used in hockey. Barriers speed up the play by keeping the ball in play and allowing ricochet-passing opportunities. The RSUSA allows Club Affiliates to use alternative barriers, or no barriers at all, for beginner and recreational leagues.

Tips and Techniques

How team can take control of the game?
  • Slow the game down and spread the field
How you, the player, can keep possession of the ball?
  • Move to open space without the ball and support the player with the ball
How to create space and opportunities for shots on goal?
  • Cycle players on offense
How to prevent fast breaks and transition goals?
  • Players need to rotate to cover the defensive end
Battle for the ballRollerSoccer skate kicking ball