Be Active

Today was such a great day for playing RollerSoccer or doing whatever your favourite activity outdoors in San Francisco. I bicycled to our playing area and played RollerSoccer for approx. 2 hours in the wonderful hot sun. I posted recruiting flyers along my bicycle path. I’m looking forward to having another beautiful day of skate-related Read more »

Got kids on skates?

As the new year gets rolling, I have the challenging but fun opportunity of finding unique ways to introduce RollerSoccer to kids. This Saturday, at San Francisco’s Recreation and Parks ‘Winter Extravaganza”, there will be RollerSoccer demonstration in hopes that kids participate at future RollerSoccer programs. I have fun playing RollerSoccer and enjoy introducing the Read more »

Youth Programs

The sport of RollerSoccer is not only a fun and high scoring sport for today’s youth, it is a great way to teach kids how to skate. Just as in soccer, the participant must bend their knees thereby lowering their center of gravity. Shoulders and hips are in forward position as in a running, keeping Read more »